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Upper School Field Trips

Students in every grade level in the Upper School embark on an exciting trip each year. 

Sixth grade spends several days at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama to get them thinking about STEM fields and to help them shoot for the stars!

Seventh grade journeys back in time to Colonial Williamsburg to support their US History curriculum and a novel study in Literature. 

Eighth grade visits the nation’s capital on the lookout for tie-ins with what they’re learning in History class. 

Ninth grade’s excursion to Camp St. Christopher gives this group a hands-on experience with Life Science. 

Tenth graders visit several colleges around South Carolina as we turn their attention toward the next stage of their academic journey. 

Eleventh Grade makes a return trip to Washington, DC, this time to gain some practical insight into what they’ve studied in American Government class. 

The seniors vote for Disney World or New York City, and their only job is to make memories with their friends!