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Character.  Teamwork.  Leadership.  These are the building blocks of athletic training and competition at Northwood Academy.  From Lower School intramural programs which introduce soccer, basketball, cheer or NFL flag football, fundamentals are introduced and practiced . . . and then it’s GAMETIME!!  

Middle school student-athletes compete on Trident League, B-team, and Junior Varsity teams in a wide range of sports including swimming, basketball, football, soccer, archery, cheer, and volleyball.  

The goal of our high school athletic program is to produce young men and women of character -- courageous and competitive -- who understand the importance of hard work, self-discipline, and relationships.  A broad range of competitive team sports is offered.

Our campuses include a full range of facilities for our student-athletes to train effectively and compete at the highest level. Our coaches intentionally build influential and life-changing relationships with our student-athletes.