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Lands’ End, Read’s Uniforms and Bold Impressions are the official uniform sources for Northwood Academy students.  Approved school uniform items are to be purchased from these vendors.  Instructions for accessing the Northwood Academy uniform options are provided (see reverse).

Uniform Shirts and Bottoms

Uniform bottoms must be purchased from either Read’s Uniforms or Lands’ End.  The khaki dress pants and shorts will have a lightning bolt indicating they are from approved vendors. No alterations are to be made to the length of the shorts. The approved polos, skorts, skirts, jumpers and dresses are listed with each vendor.  
When shirts are tucked in, a belt must be worn with shorts or pants.  A belt is not required with shirts designed to be worn untucked. Button-down dress shirts must be tucked in.  Any shirt from the uniform vendors is to display the Northwood Academy logo.

Uniform Outerwear

Approved outerwear is listed with each vendor, and each item has our logo.  There are a variety of jackets, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, and pullovers available from each vendor.  Uniform-approved hoodies, sweatshirts, and pullovers may be worn as a uniform shirt.
Only approved outerwear may be worn on campus.  On extremely cold days (i.e. below 40 degrees F) personal heavy jackets may be worn outside.  At the Upper School, personal jackets must remain in the student’s locker throughout the school day.

PE Uniforms
• An ash-colored Northwood Academy t-shirt and either purple or green shorts
• Required for students in 6th – 9th grade taking physical education
• PE uniform shorts are required for weightlifting classes.

Items Approved but not Purchased from Uniform Vendor(s)
• Letter Jackets – purchased from a sanctioned vendor
• Outerwear pre-approved by the administration
• Special t-shirts such as championship, National Honor Society, or fundraiser shirts

Non-Uniform Vendor Items
• Plain white polo with no emblem
• Plain white button-down oxford with no emblem.  Must be tucked in.


School Code  900166794





School Code NASC