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Art Club

Sponsor: Chelsea Lookabill

Missions: Our mission is to provide art club members with an opportunity to express their individuality through the creation of artworks and give back to our community, school, and others, using their talents and gifts in unique ways.


Sponsor: Melissa Haught 

Mission: To help students work on sight reading music from varying genres, vocal harmonization, ear training, and to learn varying styles of vocal and performance techniques throughout the school year. Chorus is offered to Upper School students in grades 6-12. They perform and demonstrate these skills at our Xalt Christmas and Spring Programs.


Sponsor: Lisa McKenzie

Mission: To engage, empower, and equip students in the art of theater and inspire actors to create and perform using their God-given creative talents. Xalt produces two quality performances each year (fall and spring), and students find their gifts exercised and showcased onstage in singing, dancing, and acting, and offstage in set construction, props management, and production. 


Sponsor: Vivian Tremaine and Jonathan White 

Mission: To train and disciple a small group of students who will lead their peers in pursuing our goals for chapel: engaging students’ hearts and minds in corporate worship of Jesus Christ, empowering students to own their faith, and equipping students to live life in light of the gospel. Chapel team students lead in worship and help on the production side of each chapel service.