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Current Student Reenrollment


Access FACTS Family Portal Online Enrollment using the App or a computer.

Reenroll Using the Northwood Academy Family App

Download the App using the QR code or the App Store/Google Play Store.

Once the App is downloaded, use your FACTS/SIS credentials to log in.

Click the Enroll  icon to begin reenrollment.  This process will need to be completed for each student reenrolling.

Reenroll Using the Family Portal on a Computer

Family Portal LInk


Once logged in to Family Portal using our district code NA-SC and your FACTS/SIS credentials, click on the Apply/Enroll  link on the left column. Begin the reenrollment process.

You will be redirected to your family FACTS account to complete a tuition payment agreement for the 2023-2024 school year.

  • Begin a payment plan
  • Select the applicable plan for the enrolling student
  • Authorize and Submit

You will need to set up a payment plan for each additional enrollment packet.  Please follow the instructions for Setting up a Payment Plan to complete a tuition payment plan for each enrolling student. See right panel for instructions.

The non-refundable enrollment fee is to be paid online by bankcard or ACH draft in order to submit the enrollment packet.  The priority enrollment period ends on February 29.

For assistance or questions about the reenrollment process, please contact the school office.

Pre-school (843)764-2271  

Lower School (843)572-0940 

Upper School (843)764-2285

Set up a Separate Payment Plan for EACH enrolling student

Set up a separate payment plan for each enrolling student.

  • The system auto-directs to the Payment Plan selection for the first
    enrollment packet completed in each family.
  • Additional payment plans are to be added for each additional student.

Please follow the steps below to set up a payment plan for each student.

  • Select “Financial” from the FACTS Family Portal main menu (desktop), or click on the “Financials” icon (app).
  •  Select Financial Home in the “Financial Links” tile (desktop), or click on “Financial Home” in the “Balances” tile (app).
  •  On the bottom of the “Payment Plan & Billing” tile, select “Set up a
    Payment Plan.
  •  “Begin” when warned, “A payment plan for the 2024-2025 School Year
    already exists
  •  Select the payment plan that is needed in addition to the plan(s) already created and click “Next.
  • Add or select your financial account on the Payment Details screen. This will be the account from which your payment drafts each month. Click “Next.”
  • View your Payment Schedule and click “Next.
  • Review and Authorize by accepting the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and clicking on “Return to ParentsWeb.” You will receive a message that states “Agreement Submitted.”
  •  Repeat for each student.

Please Note: FACTS payment plan agreements will remain in pending status until the Business Office adds charges.

For assistance or questions about payment plans or payments, please contact the Business Office (843)764-2278.